August 2021


Amor Fati  Do you know what it means? I came across this last year with my coaching client Jane, who sadly only had a few weeks left to live. At first I was anxious. I’m not a priest that can ease her passing, or assure her of a better time to come in the after

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FACE IT – Starts today!

Picture this…. You wake up in the morning feeling fresh and excited to see what today will bring, knowing deep within whatever happens, whether good, challenging or stressful, you have the inner calm and confidence to handle any situation gracefully. Your past is no longer determining your future, you feel truly free for the first time, and you know that, finally,

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Leave Me Alone!

Leave Me Alone! Have you ever noticed how much you assume the responsibility of others? I was reflecting on this and what came up was very insightful.​ We never realise how much we assume the responsibility of others without even knowing. May be guilt, fear, own definitions and stories or secondary gains . Whatever it

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