Life & Business Mentor, Personal & Breakthrough Coach, Philosopher, Speaker, Writer, Thought Leader, Trauma Healer.
Creator – 27 Dimensions of Being, NIJA – Innate Truth and The EMPR Method
Founder – The Art of Self Discovery , Freedom Coaches Academy

Life & Business Mentor, Personal & Breakthrough Coach, Philosopher, Speaker, Writer, Thought Leader, Trauma Healer.
Creator – 27 Dimensions of Being, NIJA – Innate Truth and The EMPR Method
Founder – The Art of Self Discovery , Freedom Coaches Academy

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My Team

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Andrew Keating

Andrew specialises in providing results driven programs that cover everything from basic fundamentals to the very latest behavioural & influence skills and the latest in psychological profiling & neuro-linguistics. Creating a brand comes from your journey, that will attract the clients that want to work with you and you alone.

People buy into you, before they buy into what you do.

 There are literally millions of people doing exactly the same as you.

Standing out from all the noise on the internet is essential. Don’t be the world’s best kept secret!!

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Chaitanya (Chaithu)

With a Masters degree in business administration and working with multi national companies in the financial services world gave her solid foundation to specialise in areas that are important in both business and personal life such as Digital Marketing, Business Administration, Operations and Overcoming challenges in every walk of life. Chaithu is a qualified NLP practitioner and she discovered that lack of efficient support system leads to disconnect and feeling stuck for any individual at different stages of life.

Travelling inwards led her to find her anchor in creativity and mindfulness and her message is “No one should be deprived of support”.

For a joyful and fulfilling life, “Get Coached”.

Manna's Journey

I am a deep thinker who loves solitude, I’m often found in my own world.

This was my identity since I was a child:
I am an achiever, winning almost every academic competition, be it elocution, essay writing, quizzes, tests or debates.

Deep thinking didn’t make me a brooder. It helped me to go beyond thought and mind.

After losing my mother at the age of 2,the expectations to be a role model and caretaker for my two younger brothers helped me to be a responsible child but also motivated me not to have children of my own.

My birth name “Kausalya” meaning‘excellence’ this motivated me to stand up to my name.

Growing up in a very intense environment empowered me to question love and attachments positively and I decided to stay out of it because from a young age I realised attachments come out of expectations.

When I decided to leave home at 18 (very unusual for a girl in an Indian household), I moved to a different state where I knew nobody. Miraculously I was given food and shelter in the state of Tamilnadu by a stranger who eventually became my great friend and my guardian angel. Although I didn’t ask for it, that magic carpet came to help me..

I never wanted to be just someone’s wife. I was fiercely independent, so I made study my passion. I believed that knowledge would give me the independence and opportunities I strived for.

I was good in my studies, my father’s colleaguerecognised this in me and took me for anentrance test foradmission into one of the premier colleges in town. My aim then was to pursue Maths, Physics and Chemistry to become an engineer.

As much as I enjoyed the learning, I decided engineering wasn’t for me because at that time everybody seemed to be choosing that profession so I chose to study Chartered Accountancy instead. In India Chartered accountancy is seen as one of the most difficult qualifications to pass. In fact only 700 out of 100,000 students qualify every year and I realised that this was the challenge I needed. 

That decision changed my life, I was no longer the young 18 year old girl who left home with no family support and only 10,000 rupees (roughly $200) to her name.

I went on to travel the world and worked for many countries including Argentina, America and UK. I worked with many more setting up offices and building teams across different countries, cultures and industries.

Until writing this, I completely forgot about the following excerpt from my Resumé:

“Over 20 years’ experience in personal and professional leadership, working across Argentina, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, US and the UK.

As a leader, building teams from one person to a hundred, leading organisational restructures and recruitment processes in a global labour market, analysing opportunities with acquisitions and mergers, managing teams and stakeholders from different cultures, backgrounds and skill sets.

Industry experience and technical expertise includes accounting and auditing, back offices and shared services, business advisory services, human resource and team management, equity research and finance, insurance, livestock, local government, manufacturing, project management, public practice, mindset and wellbeing.

Troubleshooting challenges with critical thinking, crisis and change management, understanding the mindset of individuals, discovering your values and playing to your strengths, identifying opportunities, designing business and personal strategies for effective outcomes and aligning individual, team and organisational values”.

That’s who I was then, in fact, that is all I was.

Below are 3 events in my life that had a big impact on me. These are defining moments that helped shape my future  and helped me to become the person that writes these words today.

This is my Life Full Circle:

Story 1:  Becoming

WhenI was 17 years old, I fell off my motor bike stupidly trying a stunt on a busy morning on the national highwayand was unconscious for almost an hour.

What happened in that one hour?

I have no idea but as soon as I opened my eyes, my first thought was that I needed to go home to shred my journal in which I was venting out all my anger and sadness including my anger against my step mum.

You see, If I had died, I would have left negativity behind me. Even though part of me was saying that I deserve to be angry.

That day I learned that the  solution is not in suppressing or distracting. It is in truly living one day at a time.

Ever since then, I have never gone to bed with a negative thought or emotion, even if it was only that I was aware and observant of it.

Story 2: Being

I was pursuing double professional qualifications then because it was the mark of an academic (how foolish I was!!)

Chartered Accountancy and Cost & Works Accounting besides a Bachelors degree in commerce.

26 Dec 2005 – I was getting ready to attend cost accounting exam. I always had a dread about going and  really didn’t want to go, but also as usual I was forced by a friend to just go and give it my best.

Reluctantly I took a taxi (called Auto in India) via beautiful beach and watched people playing happily, it took me all my willpower to not stop the cab and just sit on the beach and watch the water instead. I sighed heavily and steeled my self to push on and take the exam.

When I re-emerged from exam hall, I was surprised to see my friend  waiting for me.

Without giving an explanation for him being there,  he rushed me onto the bike and we travelled back the many miles in silence. As we were nearing home, there was a strange feeling in the air,  then that gave way to the sound of cries, people sitting on the footpaths next to dead bodies,  ambulances and doctors in the street attending to the wounded people.

Totally confused I tried to ask my friend but he kept riding and didn’t acknowledge my distractions.

After what seemed like an age we pulled up at our accommodation and I finally found out that we had been hit by what was to be known as the boxing day tsunami. I was told thatI missed the first wave by only 10 minutes that morning. I instantly thought back to those people playing on the beach without a care in the world and I was thankful that I didn’t get off the taxi.

People gathered in groups for their last prayers, scared not knowing if another wave was coming. I couldn’t reach my family in another state over the phone as the whole network of telecommunications and transport was down.

I had no idea where I would go or who would help me?

After a long night sitting with my friends expecting the worse, we were asked to evacuate the place. I urgently packed only my essentials (4-5 pairs of clothes, little cash and educational certificates). We travelled 9 hrs to Bangalore in tightly packed train where you hardly had any space to turn around.

Is that it? I thought, Is that the end of all my aspirations? What about all the material stuff that I am collecting?

I quickly realised that it meant nothing. In fact life meant nothing.

After 6 – 8 months, life seemed to return to normalcy and I realised the power of mother nature and insignificance of human life.

Unless I label myself lucky to be alive and assume a purpose to be alive, there is no good or bad. right or wrong, human or animal or object. It’s all the same in Nature’s eyes.

My lesson, live as if there is no tomorrow and take only what you need. Pride and humility are the same and it has no relevance.

Story 3: Unbecoming

 In 2012 I landed in Australia for a new life. At this point I am a seasoned accomplished professional, an achiever, a wife, peacekeeper, multiple degrees and confidence I can do anything. So imagine my surprise when I realise that all the things I have done meant nothing.

It was a hit to the ego!

I had no family here.

No one I knew.

Educational qualifications and experiences which I so carefully chose to distinguish myself from others all these years are irrelevant.I cannot even get a house for rent and I have no one to be a reference for me.

I ended up working in a café for couple of months before managing to get into a lesser accounting role. That was a big deal for the identity I built all these years.

The lesson:

If you look beyond your identity and differences, you are the same as every other human.

Qualifications, family background, origins don’t matter in the long run though that seemedto matter as I was just settling in.

I looked beyond that, and others looked beyond that too.

Opportunities found me and I was headhunted for my experiences. Not for my family background or because I am brown or because I am a woman.

Looking back, it is all about who you become or unbecome out of life’s experiences.

You can be bitter or better?

The choice is yours.


I am just Manna. 

Peaceful & contented knowing that life is simple.

Having worked with different cultures, teams and countries – We all share the common thread of only 8 primary emotions and thoughts. It is that simple.

Besides NLP, Hypnosis, Neurosciences, Meditation, Mind Magnet method, Energy medicine, Shamanism and various other healing modalities, one should realise everything that is happening to you and everyone around you  is a by-product of these 8 emotions and the thought.

I like to believe I am successful because I observed people so well that they call me human scanner.

Which is why I can heal trauma in 45 minutes

I give personal breakthrough in just 6 sessions. Even if you believe you can’t be helped or spent years with psychiatrists, counsellors and other coaches. I get results by resetting and rebuilding lives.

This is neither ego nor pride because again I like to believe this is happening “through” me and the amazing testimonials I have received corroborate that.

I am known as the coach’s coach, a mentor, and I train individuals and leaders around the world.

I manage multiple businesses

I am a thought leader, speaker and most importantly I enjoy small things while keeping an eye on the big picture.

Be it life, relationships, career, health or business. There is nothing to resolve.

All there is, is to observe and move on.

I am also the founder of 27 Dimensions of Being, NIJA – Innate Truth and Emotions, Memories, Patterns Release called The EMPR Method. A powerful program that gives you an insight into human existence, identity, intellect, mind, emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

Becoming to Being to Unbecoming: That’s the journey of my life and  the journey of yours.

Everything you need to questioning purpose and the meaning of life.

 Nothing to lose and Nothing to gain.

  Nothing to strive for and Nothing to compete

  Nothing to prove or disprove

  Nothing to Be or Not to Be.

  Nothing to become or not to become”

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