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Therapy alone doesn’t heal trauma.

Addressing ego, identity and the art of being is the only way to be truly free..

Where there is ego, there is fear. Where there is fear, there are expectations. Where there are expectations, there are judgements. Where there are judgements, there is fear. Where there is fear, there is ego.”
- Manna

The problems you see in others Are the Issues that need resolving in yourself


I Need Help

Why am I stuck? Why can’t I manifest what I truly want? Why are others succeeding and I am not? Why does life always feel like a struggle? I am a good person, why am I not happy? why does no one understand me? I don’t want to feel this way any longer! Why am I attracting negative people? How can I improve my leadership skills? There must be more to life than this! I did so much work on myself for so many years and why am I still feeling this way?

If any of the above resonates with you, you are not alone.

All the stuck states do not have to be rooted in the past. Experiences of the past and fears of the future equally play a role. Whether you experienced trauma or had a great childhood without any trauma, physical memories, mental fabrications, scattered thought patterns and the disconnection between body, mind and energy keep you stuck and in constant conflict.

Generational, childhood traumas, sexual or mental abuse, domestic violence, I am not enough, relationship issues and physical health issues, lack of life, social, leadership and strategic skills can be some of the reasons that result in panic attacks, triggers, PTSD, anxiety, depression, nightmares and flashbacks.

Manna’s holistic approach blends ancient wisdom and modern science to instil awareness offering a unique inside-out strategy. Through the fusion of mindset and personal leadership, she empowers clients to balance their mental, physical, and energy fields, ultimately liberating them from the shackles of suffering, attachments, judgments, and fears.

Learn to Help Others

The depth of the Emotional Memory Pattern Release (EMPR) Method is its Inside-out and Outside-in approach, the real success is in the depth that the practitioners can see in themselves.

The secret to giving lasting results to your clients is to ensure you as a practitioner are free from your filters and fears.

The depth of the result you give to others is directly dependent on the honest depth you have seen yourself.

Most mental health and wellness professionals focus on addressing the symptoms of negative experiences or the cognitive aspects that are keeping the client unable to move beyond their stuck state effectively.

The Emotion Memory Pattern Release (EMPR) Method addresses the science of being and is a holistic approach to guide people through the past, present and future to heal, transform and transcend. This unique method recognises that negative experiences including trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression are not confined to just cognitive experiences—they are also stored within the body, leading to a complex interplay of physical and emotional symptoms. By incorporating sensory experiences, perceptual understanding, language, spirituality, trauma-oriented somatic practices, meditation, and cognitive restructuring, the EMPR Method offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional approaches.

This unique method, unlike any other modality, focuses on the ‘Becoming, Being and Unbecoming’ aspects of negative and catastrophic experiences. One of the remarkable aspects of the EMPR Method is that it allows clients to process and heal without the need to continually re-live experiences. Instead, experience rapid relief, and discover techniques to release the triggers, memories, emotions and assumed identities.

If you are looking at a new way to live, a new way to be, a new way to un-become then you’ve found your tribe.

Where there is ego, there is fear. Where there is fear, there are expectations. Where there are expectations, there are judgements. Where there are judgements, there is fear. Where there is fear, there is ego.”
- Manna -

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Manna Abraham

Manna’s approach is that true awareness is the key to releasing individuals from the grips of suffering negative emotions, and the entanglements of their mind, body, and energy. In a world often perplexed by the concept of “consciousness,” she bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, transcending the boundaries of religion, spirituality and philosophy

She advocates for “Consistent Conscious Choice” and the beauty of “Continuous Self Enquiry” as the paths to liberation from attachments, expectations, judgments, and fears. Her transformative EMPR program, recognised internationally for its unique trauma-informed approach, has spread to over 35 countries, providing training for therapists to get better results for clients from issues such as generational and childhood trauma, various stuck states, self-sabotage patterns, PTSD triggers, anxiety, depression, haunting nightmares, flashbacks and other related symptoms.

Manna’s knowledge draws from a diverse spectrum, encompassing both ancient Eastern and Western philosophies such as Sankhya, Vedanta and Stoicism, the latest in the field of neuroscience and trauma-informed somatic practices. This led Manna to craft a library of holistic wellness programs, including the transformative EMPR Method, The Power of Innate Wisdom, The Art of Self-Discovery, and the profound 27 Dimensions of Being. These programs offer a beautifully simple path to gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, and others, and expanding one’s awareness of the interconnectedness of all life.

Manna’s journey is a testament to her unyielding commitment to helping others unlock their true potential, and transform and transcend their lives. For those prepared to break free from the burdens of attachments, expectations, judgments, and fears and embark on a transformative journey of personal evolution, her programs offer a complete journey to inner harmony.


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