Personal Evolution Retreat

More than a retreat, it’s a spiritual evolution. 
  • Questioning the purpose of life
  • Searching beyond happiness
  • Asking what next, what now
  • Struggling with negative emotions
  • Curious to understand the true relationship with yourself
  • Keen to know how the self is different from the ego
  • Living the 5 Aspects of Growth

This retreat is my personal spiritual space that I share with a select few individuals.

This is no ordinary retreat, explore beyond self-inquiry, self-awareness and self-observation.

We go beyond deep reflective work, you will leave levelled up, upgraded and consciously evolved into the person you’ve always meant to be.

I run this retreat very exclusively for people who are on their journey of self-discovery and are seeking silence, time to reflect and looking forward to doing nothing and finding in nothing, there is everything.

This 4 days retreat is all about removing your own masks and exploring within without filters while you also relax and have fun. The real intent is to allow yourself to go with the flow truly being in the moment.

An opportunity to live in the moment without the need to know and enjoy the elements of serendipity and indulge yourself in your own space creating time for deeper conversations.

Enter this space with an open mind and heart, and embrace the collective energy, warmth and peace.

"Spiritual evolution requires diligence, determination and discipline, without being attached to the outcome. One needs to seek without seeking and do without doing. The real growth is being at peace with yourself"

Manna Abraham is a healer, teacher and founder of the 27 Dimensions of Being. 

Manna gives an integrated approach, understanding and maturing the gross and subtle bodies opening you up to the possibilities of consciousness

With a deep understanding of ancient wisdom and philosophy Manna has the gifts to shine a light on surface emotions and provides another way to look at and evolve your thinking. She guides you to clear your Karmic debt releasing the weight of the past and cleansing your energy field of attachments and aversions to heighten the experience of bliss and joy in this lifetime.

Ready to pave the path to spiritual exploration and growth. Arrange a chat for more information:

The Experience

4 Days Private Room Simple Lifestlye Accomodation
Fully catered, healthy food cooked fresh on site
Pranayama Meditation & Gentle Yoga
3 Bodies Elevation Physical, Mental and Astral
‘Niksen’ The Secret Science of Silence
Unbecoming – The 4 Internal Instruments
Ready to pave the path to spiritual exploration and growth. Arrange a chat for more information:

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