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“The Light Within Dispels the Darkness Outside”

With a remarkable track record spanning over two decades, Manna Abraham has been at the helm of leadership, steering diverse multinational teams worldwide and successfully overseeing the global transition of multimillion-dollar projects. Through her extensive journey, she has developed a deep appreciation for the common attributes that underpin the success of efficient and effective individuals.

In the spirit of sharing her wisdom and experience, Manna has taken on the roles of teacher, coach, and mentor, touching the lives of thousands across the globe. Seamlessly combining her knowledge of ancient philosophy and modern neurosciences Manna’s mission is to connect with the inner workings of individuals, helping them cultivate a fresh perspective and embrace a new way of engaging with the world.

“Goals and achievements are meaningful when you are pursuing material benefits. They evolve into purpose and intention when you shift your identity from the material pursuit to meaning and impact. Purpose & intention evolve to selfless service and deep yearning for self-realisation which then becomes your spiritual pursuit”

– Manna Abraham

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Why You’re Feeling Stuck

You are in a constant state of evolution, these constant shifts bring about conflict between your conscious and unconscious awareness. These conflicts become your blindspots and can keep you stuck for days, months or even years.
You are not on your own… As life evolves, you will experience feeling stuck or lack of clarity in your personal life, career, relationships, health or business.

Traditional coaching will only give you ways to self-motivate and try to be driven, inspired, find your purpose or create strong boundaries. The truth is, you need to look deeper into yourself to find the core decisions you have taken on as truths and what do you want today. These decisions become your identity and when the identity (or the future you created in the past) is threatened you can become struck by fear and anxiety.

Your strength is also your shadow.

If you have strong identities of independence and free thinking or emotions such as pride, shame, regret or fear, it will stop you from reaching out for help and unlocking your true potential.

Who you are today was created by an outdated version of you in the past. If you’re still clinging on to the person your past self wants you to be, you will experience any one of these symptoms now and at times, they can be debilitating:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger issues
  • Self Sabotage
  • Poor leadership skills
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Procrastination
  • Dominating, aggressive or people-pleasing
  • Affairs
  • Fear of commitment
  • Stubbornness
  • Indecisiveness
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue and related psychosomatic diseases
  • Lack of financial resources and opportunities for growth
Suffering from any of the above list is a clear indicator that something needs to change and no amount of short-term wins will give you long-term peace and contentment

Personal Breakthrough - The Solution

Coaching and mentoring will help you accelerate your evolution whether you are pursuing material goals, creating an impact or seeking spiritual growth.

Your past experiences created your past identities that are keeping you stuck today. However, NOW is the time to create who you want to be and experience real freedom. “Repeating the same mistake and expecting different results is insanity” – Albert Einstein. So the key to breaking through your glass ceilings and fostering a life filled with meaning, purpose & impact is simple, but it’s not easy.

Through continuous self-inquiry, observation, inner silence, discipline and courage you will fully embody your personal growth journey, leading to a happier, healthier and more aligned life.

You will work on the following fundamental areas over 12 months to fast-track your personal, professional and spiritual growth with personal leadership & emotional independence:

  • Revisit and resolve the past decisions, choices and perceptions
  • Take inventory of your past experiences, identities, values and relationships and choose to create, keep or declutter any of them, aligning your conscious and unconscious shifts.
  • Recreate your future with passion, purpose and meaning
  • Learn to live consciously taking every experience as an opportunity to evolve with this brand new identity.
  • Master, ‘The 5 Elements of Growth’ Body, Breath, Mind/Emotions, Intuition & Wisdom, Joy

27 Dimensions of Being:

The subtle art of understanding yourself and others at a core level to navigate through difficult conversations.

Energy Activation:

Balance and prioritise your energy, for time, willpower and energy .

Enriched Living:

Know your path, Realise your worth, Live in your power.

Emotional Independence:

Creates the gap between experiences and reactions and gives you an aura of authority

Master of Emotions:

Free yourself from the emotions of others and maintain an unbiased outlook towards life.

Aligned Relationships:

Attract and improve all meaningful relationships in life, including yourself.

Life On Purpose:

Be the leader of your life with aligned choices and decisions.

Personal Leadership:

Create clear, concise conscious choices and be a leader in your own space.

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