“Nija,” a Sanskrit word that translates to “the innate truth,” encapsulates the essence of our gatherings. 

This unique initiative is based on Manna’s transformative program, “The Eternal Solutions,” which delves into the realms of observation and self-inquiry, compassion, gratitude, the four internal instruments, and the three innate qualities.

 We are thrilled to introduce you to “Nija,” an online monthly group where we explore the depths of spirituality, life’s profound questions, and philosophical discussions.

Are you ready to join us on this extraordinary voyage? If you’ve been yearning for more meaningful and connected conversations about life’s mysteries, spirituality, and philosophical topics, then “Nija” is the space you’ve been seeking.

Here’s what you can expect from being a part of “Nija”:

1. A Shift in Thinking: Engage in thought-provoking discussions that challenge your perspectives and open your mind to new possibilities. “Nija” will encourage you to explore the deeper dimensions of your thoughts, allowing for personal growth and transformation.

2. A New Outlook: Gain fresh insights into your own existence and the world around you. As we delve into the profound teachings of “The Eternal Solutions,” you’ll find yourself seeing life from a different, more enlightened perspective.

3. Deepened Self-Understanding: Through self-inquiry and introspection, discover hidden facets of yourself and unearth the wisdom that lies within. “Nija” fosters an environment where you can explore your inner world with honesty and vulnerability.

4. Enhanced Interactions: As you delve deeper into self-awareness, you’ll notice positive changes in how you interact with both the world and yourself. Compassion, gratitude, and a newfound sense of purpose will become integral parts of your daily life.

If you feel a resonance with these promises and are ready to embrace a more profound connection with your own truth and the world, then we invite you to join us for our upcoming “Nija” session.

If you are in Australia, UK or India – Every first Tuesday of the month, 05.30 PM Adelaide 

If you are in US or Canada  or Australia – Every first Tuesday of the month, 07.30 PM PST

Please note that “Nija” is designed for those who are truly ready to embark on this transformative journey. If you feel that you are prepared to explore the innate truth within yourself and engage in deep, connected conversations with fellow seekers, we welcome you with open arms.

If the timing isn’t right for you at the moment, we understand, and our virtual doors will always be open for when you are ready to take this step.

Together, let’s uncover the profound wisdom that resides within us all and embark on a journey toward a more meaningful and connected life.

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