Are Signs Real?

Signs!! That’s the conversation this month on “Nija – Innate Truth “

Feathers , birds , numbers and butterflies.

Are they our manifestations for self soothing and answers we are searching for OR are they messengers from the above trying to communicate with us and asking us to leave the logic and control behind?

When you want a pink car, you find many.. is that a sign or your mind creating an evidence of what you want and what you know.

When you cross the barrier of logic and ego, there is another world that you will experience which is absolutely logical and perfectly synchronised?

But it’s the inner conflict that keep you away from it..

Like bacteria and virus that we don’t see, but when you see through a microscope, you realise their beautiful universe is in perfect harmony.

So is the world of collective consciousness.

When you use the lens of observation and BE, it will reveal its magic to you.

You are right if you believe in the signs and you are also right if you don’t.

But why not choose the support of perceived irrationality to get you through your rational pursuits?

As we were exploring this concept, everyone on the screen have witnessed a white object floating down right behind me and it disappeared behind me.

That was neither a feather nor an insect.. so what was it?

We chose to believe that was our sign to pull down the barriers of logic and it was divine.

PS: Thats the image of a white dove confirming the presence of divine with whom I hold a special relationship..

What were some of your signs and what did they mean to you?

Manna ❤️

“Live with fearless inner peace”

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