Why You Are Single

Why You Are Single?

Do you know the one roadblock that stops any individual from moving forward after healing and resolving past traumatic memories? “Not knowing how to re-engage in life with the new trauma-free identity” Grace spent 20 years of her life reliving the past traumatic experience of being physically abused. She masked her emotions and desires for …

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How To Break Out Of Depression

How To Break Out Of Depression? Is Grief a Trauma?

Hi There, Anticipating a relationship breakdown or losing a lifetime partner can be very traumatic and the loneliness that one experiences lead to depression. One can experience loneliness during the period- weeks, months or years leading to the event itself and not just after losing a relationship or losing someone physically. Often, the event itself …

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Why Am I Depressed?

Have you ever experienced depression? Or do you know someone who is taking antidepressants? It is important to understand that depression is not a reflection of a person’s ability. Most intelligent and capable people get depressed. And if it has its origins in trauma…  it is a state of helplessness or recluse wanting to withdraw from …

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