How did we get this so wrong?

How did we get this so wrong?

When did we decide that it’s the other person who can make you happy?

And when did we start believing that life is a linear path of all good things and bad things happen to bad people?

Can we instead replace :

🍀Impulsiveness  with patience

🍀Stubbornness with will power

🍀Compassion with discretion

🍀Fear with courage

🍀Weakness with strength

🍀Insecurity with self sufficiency

🍀Expectations with self belief

🍀Judgements with observation

🍀Blaming with awareness

Slow and steady wins the race too.. it does not have to be always quick and instant..

Do not fall into everything that your mind wants you to see, hear or speak..

One step at a time 🦶


Manna ❤️

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