Impermanence & the stubborn mind

🌊Impermanence!! that’s all it is…

⏳Loved ones will leave you
⏳Strangers become friends
⏳Seasons change
⏳Bodies age and wounds will heal
⏳Time moves on
⏳People change including you
⏳Things you once loved are no longer lovable
⏳Stuff you were interested in becomes boring
⏳Concepts you were exploring now becomes mundane
⏳Children grow up and leave homes
⏳People lose interest in each other
⏳Adventure becomes boring and routine becomes an adventure

You may be stuck and suffering because you

🍀Want to control the uncontrollable..

🍀Expect others to behave according to your expectations

🍀Take time to realise it’s over so you choose to dwell in the past hoping it never changed OR

🍀 Control everything hoping nothing changes so you don’t have to change with the change or take responsibility

Contemplate on impermanence and close the doors for completions and open the doors for new beginnings 🕊️✈️🧘‍♀️

Manna 🙏

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