10 fundamental reasons you are stuck in your Trauma


Dear all,

I am receiving quite a few questions about how EMPR Method works.

How can this method heal trauma so rapidly?

The objective of EMPR is to help you understand your “self” and see your “self” without filters.

That’s the key to heal trauma rapidly.

You cannot show light to others while you live in darkness.

It is only with that awareness, you will be able to help others see their own filters.

As a society, we are very evidence based. Unless we are open to the greater possibilities beyond human perception and logic, we cannot effect real change.

You can spend a life time lighting oil lamps in your homes or create avenues to generate electricity and light up the whole world in an instant.

Here are the 10 reasons you are stuck in your Trauma and why your coach, therapist or a healer cannot resolve it:

1. Lack of belief that Trauma can be healed rapidly

2. Lack of focus on the root cause and too focussed on symptoms

3. Their own limiting beliefs and lack of exposure besides personal experiences.

4. Not open to the possibilities and too focussed on the tools & techniques

5. Not resolving their own negative emotions and unpacking clients’, unpacks their judgements and biases.

6. Stuck with subconscious mind or pride in being spiritual or driven to motivate and inspire for a brighter future

7. Too attached to empathy, gratitude and kindness

8. Emphasises listening while missing the vital clues that a client drops involuntarily- you don’t know what you don’t know

9. Relying on their own personal experiences which can be a huge barrier while working in this complex field

10. Limited understanding of ego, acceptance, surrender, attachment and desires.

Where Therapy, Coaching and Healing ends, The EMPR Method begins. It is a deeper insight into your personal evolution.

It is through this lens, you can facilitate resolving trauma, anxiety or depression rapidly because you can not, not see once you see it.

And how do you access that lens – By understanding yourself and opening that lens towards your self.

The EMPR Method is a process based on the framework that guides you to understand Mind, Body ,Consciousness by questioning what you believe you already know.

It questions the fundamentals of mind, mindfulness, resilience, body, yoga, religion, spirituality, social constructs and paves the way for a new way of life.

Questioning does not mean negating. It is a way to help you explore beyond and move towards clarity.

This clarity will help you to facilitate change and resolve trauma, anxiety or depression rapidly.

Reach out if you like to have a quick chat either to heal your own trauma or become an EMPR Practitioner.


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Congratulations to my A Team for taking up this journey to be an EMPR Practitioner and we are starting this Sunday 23 October 2022,  04.30 AM ACDT.

6 countries, 8 different time zones

The EMPR Method – A new way of life and deeper personal work to be a better human, therapist, healer and a coach to give rapid results.

This is not everybody’s cup of tea unless you are ready to break the barriers of the known and explore beyond evidence.

This is not just another learning..

PS: One spot available if you are keen to become an EMPR Practitioner and can join starting this Sunday.


1. Expressions of Interest :  If you are keen to be EMPR Practitioner and want to know more to get started – please book a time with one of my team here:

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