How can you release a trauma that you have no memory of?

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As you may be aware, I conducted a group trauma healing session with 15 people from around the world using the EMPR Method.

One of the participants, Roy asked me if one should have conscious memory of the trauma in order to help them to release it.

It is not unusual that your mind decides to block the memories that are not helpful to you and it has an intelligent way of doing that.

Today as I was working with a client, I encountered this situation again and thought of sharing it with you.

Let us call my client Sean. He is 57 and approached me to help him with compassion and empathy.

Once I identified his profile and his core patterns, it was clear that he does not have to force himself to have compassion and empathy, though the world at large embraces these labels as another form of distraction and reframe.

These were surface level symptoms of a deeper issue.

What is it underneath then?

In the session, he mentioned he does not have any memory of his childhood. And he only remembers events since he was 18.

Diving a little deeper (three minutes later), his body responded to his childhood while he had no memory of it.

From his visceral reaction, it was obvious that his childhood was not something he chose to remember and it was a conscious decision then to forget it, though there is no conscious memory.

And he was able to release it in the same session.

The second reason of “The 10 fundamental reasons why coaches and therapists fail to resolve trauma quicker” is because they rely on resolving the symptoms and not the root cause.

If you understand  how body keeps a score of every memory, you can give quicker results.

Reach out if you like to have a quick chat either to heal your own trauma or become an EMPR Practitioner.

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