Your Garden Is A Perfect Metaphor For Your Life!!

Hi There,

After a long weekend of  trainings, all I needed was a good break and to just sit while doing nothing.

However, I decided to visit a friend and enjoy her new garden.

The garden was so big, beautiful, eclectic and intricate. So much work had gone into it and I am sure my dear friend and her husband spent months and months creating their dream garden.

We were sitting on the patio with delicious cheese toasties, melting moments and a nice cup of tea, watching beautiful flowers, trees with history, sharing stories of birds and butterflies.

It was picture perfect and everything was still.

I was wondering if there is anything left to do at all.

Even before me finishing that thought,  they unanimously said “A garden is never finished” and continued to enjoy their garden with contentment and deep thoughts.

How true and how profound!!

And that reminded me of Karel Capek, a Czech writer who exactly said that in his book, “The Gardener’s Year” drawing parallels to human existence.

“A garden is never finished. In that sense it is like the human world and all human undertakings.

It is only an optical illusion that my flowers die in autumn; for in reality they are born. We say that Nature rests, yet she is working like mad. She has only shut up shop and pulled the shutters down; but behind them she is unpacking new goods, and the shelves are becoming so full that they bend under the load. This is the real spring; what is not done now will not be done in April. The future is not in front of us, for it is here already in the shape of a germ…Sometimes we seem to smell of decay, encumbered by the faded remains of the past, but if only we could see how many fat and white shoots are pushing forward in the old tilled soil, which is called the present day; how many seeds germinate in secret; how many old plants draw themselves together and concentrate into a living bud, which one day will burst into flowering life–

if we could only see that secret swarming of the future within us, we should say that our melancholy and distrust is silly and absurd, and that the best thing of all is to be a living man–

that is, a man who grows.”

There is a lot that nature can teach us only if we are open to it, instead of searching for gurus and mentors  around the world.

True art of stillness is in seeing everything as it is and let everything go as it goes.

Find your stillness within.



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