Should I Meditate When I am Depressed?

Last week, I introduced you to some of the many reasons why you can be depressed and the effects of trauma-based depression.

Now what to do when you are depressed or feeling stuck?

Please do not meditate – period

Quite often, people use meditation and stillness as a distraction from what they are experiencing and once you step out of meditation, you are back to square one.

Meditation is a profound tool but you will not use a marshmallow to break a brick. Do you?

So, what to do?

Focus on breathing.

It helps you to move the stuck energy and through mastering breathing, you will naturally access the meditative state.

So, if this is so simple, why do people fail?

This is the bitter pill to swallow.

Lack of personal responsibility.

Nature of the mind is to work for a reward ( good or bad) unless you train it differently.

So please take responsibility for yourself irrespective of the reward or meaning and spend just 10 minutes a day focussing on breathing.

In my next email, I will talk about why people do not take personal responsibility.

Now it’s time for you to set up a practice – at least 10 minutes.

Love & Healing


2 thoughts on “Should I Meditate When I am Depressed?”

  1. You are so correct! My experience with trauma-based depression was that if I meditated I would go into a spiral of negative thoughts that made everything worse. I wish I had known about the breathing back then because I would have healed a lot faster than with traditional talk therapy, which didn’t do much.

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