Why Am I Depressed?

Have you ever experienced depression?

Or do you know someone who is taking antidepressants?

It is important to understand that depression is not a reflection of a person’s ability.

Most intelligent and capable people get depressed.

And if it has its origins in trauma…  it is a state of helplessness or recluse wanting to withdraw from the world once the fight is over.

It is quite common that a trauma-afflicted individual usually embraces the identity of an achiever even if they are losing and seek challenge in everything – to prove to themselves or others.

They stay or run away as long as their need for the challenge is met. Be it jobs, businesses or relationships!!

But that comes with a cost.

If trauma can empower and fuel an individual to be someone with all their might..  depression is your mind’s go-to when it realises that the given purpose is over and does not have another compelling purpose to work for.

It can also stem from conflicts between social expectations and one’s own personal standards.

Men & Women who choose to comply with social standards against their own nature and ambitions can experience depression also manifested as a midlife crisis. Age is not a factor.

It can be a teenager, a young adult or an adult in their 50s.. it affects everyone with equal impact.

So if you are questioning the purpose and what’s the meaning of life.. pause and take a decision to heal before finding another distraction.

Love & Healing


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