Anxiety – Your Friend!! Are You Listening?

Hi There,

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy and I found myself yearning for solitude, connection and clarity.

And what happened in the last few days was very profound..

I was questioning myself what do I really really want?

This keeps changing as you progress and this is one question you should ask yourself as often as you can..

What I was experiencing felt like anxiety, restlessness and a sense of busyness.

I had to enquire and this surfaced..

There was a time when all I wanted was stability & security. That led me to the busyness.

What I wanted was all those big, standard things and the only way out is to work hard because hard work equates to money and money equates fulfilling my dreams.. how naive I was!!

That changed years ago and it’s not been my pursuit for the last few years yet why was I feeling that way?

Last few days were profound as I mentioned. I choose to work backwards.

6 important questions to ask yourself:

1. Now what is my ideal day?

2. How does that make me feel?

3. What am I doing now that is taking me away from that feeling? Delete it  

4. What should I not do that I am now doing? Declutter 

5. What am I doing now that is giving me that feeling? Do it 

6. What am I not doing now that can give me that feeling? Design it 


I have summarised my three principles to live by : S I P

1. Simplicity 2. Interest3. Practicality

-Review appointments that are not S I P -Review the client’s list that is not S I P -Review family activities that are not S I P -Review revenue that is not S I P -Review social commitments that are not S I P -Review thoughts & emotions that are not S I P -Review relationships that are not S I P

If anything, that is not S I P , you know where it goes.

What is your S I P to live by?

Sometimes, anxiety & restlessness is an indicator that you are violating your true nature.

Listen to those whispers.

Love & HealingManna

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