The Incredible Power Underneath Fear – Unbecoming from the Past.

I am sitting in the Brisbane Airport as I am writing this to you.

I have just finished the most incredible 3 Days delivering my Trauma Recovery Program with 61 people from all walks of life.

What a rewarding experience for both me and the EMPR Practitioners who joined me to help facilitate the healing. Thank you to Andrew Keating, Brenda Wells, Sue Margot, and Montu Abraham for your dedication to ensure every single parson felt heard, understood and able to make remarkable breakthroughs.

The feedback from the event was just mind-blowing. Decades of trauma finally released, Letting go of generations of conditioning in just three days, and now with a sense of freedom, rewriting a new story with the skill of consistent conscious choice and continuous self-Inquiry.

There were nurses, leaders, teachers, mental health practitioners, social workers, healers, coaches & counsellors, psychotherapist, FIFO worker and a farmer.

All of them are either professionals, working in organisations or running businesses.

And everyone who spoke to me said that I should carry my work because there are so many suffering in silence, so many used the phrase “It’s your duty”.

That left me thinking and reflecting.

Most leadership and personal development courses, therapies, healing modalities are just not cutting it, they don’t even scratch the surface of what’s going on in an individual’s personal life.

Too much diplomacy and softness, avoiding real conversations and mental health professionals getting indoctrinated to listen but do nothing.

And these professionals are “pushing” their lives in the name of efficiency, nurture, resilience and effectiveness instead of “living” their lives.

Are they real? Is that success?

Another client who was a trauma psychotherapist for 20 years was struggling with anxiety.

She was searching for the root cause and wanted to know where it is stemming from.. and why?

And she believes it’s a trauma.

However, once you are cognitive enough to identify a trauma, trauma loses its identity and is now either an attachment or fear. Just a memory.

Solution is in observing your fears and attachments.

Free yourself from ego and be open to “UNBECOME”

Searching for answers from the past or future is the victim identity..

Present is the reality 💥💥

Make your present a reality with consistent conscious choice and develop a strategy to observe and enquire your fears and attachments.

Can you really allow yourself to be free from emotional clutter so that you can contribute 💯 and build healthy communities and healthy families?

Knowing is not Being.. BE

Manna ❤️

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