Winters- Hard to wake up? The constant battle between your body & mind…

Hi there,

It is winter here in Australia and you can imagine, how cozy it is to just have an extra nap in the warm bed.

This can be an everyday battle between body wanting to stay in the bed and mind with it’s weak will whispering to you to get up and sit for practice.

I often wonder what is it that is so important than a warm bed that can get you out of it early in the morning!!

There should be a reason.

What’s your reason to get up and join the practice so early?

And this battle is not just exclusive to winters.

Discipline and Commitment are strong indicators of empowered energy centres and a strong nervous system.

Your super powered car engine is useless when there is no fuel in your car.

How hard do you want to push?

Anxiety, overactive nervous system, depression, rush and busyness are indicators of weak life-force and can sometimes even be symptoms of subtle & cellular traumatic memories.

It’s not always the mind and mindset the body plays a very big role and breath is the key to enhance your life-force.

Mind, body & energy – Are all interconnected.

Can we choose to be proactive instead of always reacting (even if the bed is warm)?

Love & Healing


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