Are your expectations leaving you disappointed? Here is the truth..



Hi there,

“Expectations are not wrong after all,  if you have the wisdom what to expect and what not to”.

But the challenge is how do you get that?

Quite often, you expect from people whom you are conditioned to expect and forget “what” they are capable of.

– You don’t expect a fish to walk just because you can walk.

– You don’t expect your dog to think in advance and plan just because you are an organiser.


Because you know them and accept them as they are.

So, it is not an issue or concern.

But you expect your child, parents or partner to behave a certain way or understand you because you can and you are capable of it. Above all they look like humans.

One of my clients was expecting her sister-in-law to be appreciative of her success instead of being jealous, because that is something she would do.

Can you see the common thread?

“You are expecting from others what you are capable of”.

Two reasons behind your disappointment:

1. Lack of understanding that every human is a different species just like a dog and a fish.

2. Lack of ability to read and understand humans.

Start understanding people as they are and not what or how you want them to be.

And that begins with absolute self-awareness and a greater understanding.

Begin with small changes and things will shift.


Manna ❤️

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