A belief that saved two lives!!


Have you ever experienced at least once in your life so far how people argue between logic and feeling, fact vs irrational beliefs?

I am not sure about you, but this is one of the common conflicts I get to see in my clients.

Therefore, some choose healers and some choose coaches.

This week, something happened that motivated me to write this to you today.

My client Anna is in her 40s. She is a life coach, very strong woman and an achiever too. She is full of life and optimism.

However lately, she started feeling lonely.

Her usual optimism spiralled down the rabbit hole into despair.

Would anybody miss me if I am not here? This question haunted her.

Her eyes were filled up with tears and..as she was staring into the sky, she saw this beautiful white feather gliding down softly and landed right before her.

She always believed white feathers are messages from angels. She immediately felt she is protected by her angels and she is not alone.

In an instant, that changed her mindset and thoughts of ending it all vanished.

The very next moment, she received a text from someone asking her to call them back which she did.

To her surprise, that was a desperate call for help from someone who is ready to give it all up and on the verge of suicide.

She succeeded in that call and the person on the other end is safe too.

Finding her meaning and purpose again, she decided to take a picture of that white feather that saved her life as well as the other person’s.

As she aimed her camera at the feather, it was actually a piece of white plastic shopping  bag and not a feather at all.

The question I have for you is:  was it the feather or the plastic bag?

You see, we quite often get lost in the Why’s and How’s!!

– Does it matter if we are logical or irrational?

– Does it matter if it is a fact or a made up belief?

– After all what is fact and what is not?

Openness and Acceptance seems to be the perfect recipe for a happy life on this planet.

What’s your belief that is motivating you and guiding you?

Let me know.




Everything you need to know from universal consciousness to individual consciousness, the ancient wisdom of body & mind including chakras and philosophy of Yoga and how you can grow towards stillness/samadhi combined with modern science.

A holistic understanding of ego, consciousness, intellect, mind and human existence and understanding you are nothing and everything at the same time.

A tool that every individual must have to understand people, family and friends to have meaningful relationships and peaceful lives.

If you are after giving lasting results to your clients as a coach, you need to understand and live a life of an observer.

But how can you do that unless you unbecome who you became?

Being and unbecoming is healing.

Awareness and Observation is healing

Don’t try. Don’t push .

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