What is beauty afterall?



What is beauty afterall?

Big eyes, slender body, long thick hair, fair skin and sharp pointy nose!!

That was the benchmark for a beautiful girl/woman as I was growing up, according to the culture and tradition in which I was brought up.

Never did I match that description and I over compensated with academics and being a “good person”.

Deep inside, I never accepted myself as I am and always wanted to match that definition of beauty.

What I also didn’t realise then was the impact that it had in every area of my life.

Career, relationships, health – the drive to be accepted and to belong was insane.

My frequent travels didn’t make me feel settled anywhere and didn’t help either.

Why was that acceptance such a struggle?

Little did I know then that beauty is so relative.

Every country, every species has their own definition of beauty based on their backgrounds.

I was extremely beautiful in some cultures and ugly to some.

Those travels helped me to see beauty differently and one day I decided to accept myself as I am.

I defined my beauty..🦋

That changed everything.., ❤️

Today, I ask you

Do you accept yourself as you are?

Can you define your beauty?



Everything you need to know from universal consciousness to individual consciousness, ancient wisdom of body & mind including chakras and philosophy of Yoga and how you can grow towards stillness/samadhi combined with modern science.

A holistic understanding of ego, consciousness, intellect , mind and human existence and understanding you are nothing and everything at the same time.

A tool that every individual must have to understand people, family and friends to have meaningful relationships and peaceful lives.

If you are after giving lasting results to your clients as a coach, you need to understand and live a life of observer.

But how can you do that unless you unbecome who you became?

Being and unbecoming is healing.

Awareness and Observation is healing

Don’t try. Don’t push .

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