It’s Not Easy to Forgive..

It’s not easy to forgive…


The mental tabloids we carry are so subtle and deep that some of us carry those memories over one life time and others over many lifetimes..

Impatience to see instant results can only create suffering.

It’s the journey inwards that sheds the light of clarity and collective practice enables us to share the collective energy and easen the burden of memories that keep you stuck in anger or despair.

“whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven”

I am not religious and I am not sure if there is a Father in the heaven, but there is a truth in what Jesus says..

Prayer is the silent conversation with your inner consciousness and coming together is about the collective energy that we channel together as a hive mind.

To truly forgive, accept and forgive yourself completely and free yourself from the attachments and desires.

It’s the patience and discipline that helps you alleviate suffering with clarity and greater understanding.

How do we cultivate that? I will share more in my blogs.

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Manna Abraham

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