My Gifted Father..

An ode to all the fathers out there including my own🧡

– Dear Fathers, Happy Fathers Day 🙏🕊️❤️

While social media buzzes with mothers day messages and celebrations.. surprising to see it’s not the same with the fathers..

It’s the fathers who fought the wars, traumatised than ever, it’s the fathers who built the nations and it’s them who took on the roles of providers and protectors for ages..

This man, Anson is my gifted father whom I called “daddy” and he took care of me for almost 8 years providing me food and accommodation.

I had nothing and not enough money to afford proper food and accommodation two decades ago.

All I wanted was to study because that was my passport to the world. I was a stranger and met him for the first time in Chennai, but he believed in me, took me under his wings along with his three boys.

We didn’t speak the same language, we didn’t eat the same food and we didn’t come from the same city or town. And we don’t have anything in common except love.

He may not be perfect to the world but he was perfect in my world..🌍

He was a caterer to the world but still remains my daddy.

There are many good men and good fathers who made this world a better place and this is my ode to you.,,🕊️

Manna ❤️

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