Can one partner give you everything you need? 3 Step for meaningful Relationships

Relationships are transactional – Personal, Career or Community and includes self. It’s always about giving and taking, ebb and flow. It’s your assumptions and definitions that keep you stuck.

Your relationships evolve with you whether young, matured or evolved,, you define the trajectory of your relationships.

You take away the choice from yourself because of your own mental blocks such as shame, guilt etc and it’s not someone else who takes it away from you, which we demonstrated in the session today.

3 aspects to take care of, to maintain healthy relationships :

Self : Take care of your self. and through self, you realise you are one with everyone.

Ask if you are 100% happy with your ” self” without anyone or anything around you and do something about it.

Your happiness or equanimity only comes through you to you.

Dynamics : Observe your conversations – Controlling, Submissive or Assertive. Not wanting to control is still control and not wanting to be submissive is still submissiveness.

Being humble to control or being assertive to control, its the intention that matters. Observe yours’ and others’ intentions and conversations.

Diversify your relationship networks: One person cannot give you everything. In the name of giving, do not put all your eggs in one basket. What a best friend can offer you, your partner cannot and what your partner can offer, your parent can never offer.

Build strong relationships with diverse group of people with whom you align while you can and when you are in a good space.

“Make hay while sun shines”

It’s OK if you are not a people person and dislike interactions. Not everyone like interactions with people. Find common ideas or activities and build your network around what interests you.

Lastly, do not forget the importance of “mental agility”.

Be a Teflon and keep moving on when situations keep you stuck emotionally or mentally or financially. Life is a series of individual moments and not always connected. You draw your energy from different sources all the time.

Love  & Healing



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