Relationship Breakdown & Depression. How are they related?

Last week, I talked about why you should not meditate when you are depressed

If you didn’t get to read that, I have included the link below for you to read.

Also, I mentioned that I will talk to you about why people don’t take personal responsibility.

So here it is…

Let me introduce you to my client Clare.. she is an efficient and independent woman, a school principal by profession and was leading a great life.

When her 14 years relationship broke down and she was left with young kids, her world came apart.

She was grieving the loss of her relationship and was severely depressed when she came to see me. Her question was:

“I was the strong one, responsible one and yet why do I feel this way? Why am I not motivated to live?”

95% of the people believe they were responsible and motivated individuals in the past. And Clare is not alone.

But the question is.. who was pulling the puppet strings for Clare?

Kids, Partner, Parents, Family, Society?

Can you see that Clare was a responsible and strong woman when someone gave her a goal and purpose?

And now when no one else is pulling the strings, it is hard for Clare to take that personal responsibility or take decisions because she got used to be told or influenced while she believed she was in charge and in control.

And this is a strong mental pattern of those who proudly holds the identity of a carer, giver, kind and empathetic person, nurturer and so on… which can be very detrimental and leads to depression.

It takes strength and willpower to develop the muscle of personal responsibility.

Your 3 simple tools to get started are:

1. Observe the thoughts or emotions that make your feel depressed

2. Reach out to someone that can actually help you instead of talking to your own friends and family who can only sympathise but not get you out of it.

3. Consistent Conscious Choices: Exercise this every moment of your waking life.

I will talk more about it next week in the free healing session.

Love & Healing


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