It’s all over…or has it just begun?

Hi There,

How have you been?

I am back in Adelaide this week and truly enjoying being home.

Having said that I was not on vacation. I was in a different environment that gave me some of the most amazing experiences and insights, some of them are pleasant and some of them very unpleasant.
Either way, my life was enriched.

And perhaps I collected memories that will last long at least for a while till I understand what it really meant before I let them go.

Looking back, my last few weeks taught me lessons of attachment and ego.

Ego is not about being simple or humble. It is not about observing your pride or owning your identity.

It is simply about seeing yourself separate from this body & mind.

This may sound simple but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

If you ever experienced trauma or a catastrophe in your life and have been seeing a psychologist or a therapist to recover from those memories, perhaps you are playing a subconscious game of ego asking “Why or How could this happen to ME?”, instead of viewing it from a lens of experience.

I understand this is not easy but what I am trying to drive home is the realisation, that recovering from traumatic experiences is less of therapy or healing. It is more about “you choosing a new way of life”.

As I was reviewing the comments and posts on social media, I couldn’t stop observing how deeply it is ingrained in our psyche that Trauma can only be resolved by therapists and psychiatrists.

But what if it is just a matter of different perspectives and self-awareness?

Do you really have to spend years recovering from Trauma or will you choose to be open to view life differently and begin to live your life afresh free from attachments and ego that is no longer helping you?

I will be addressing how trauma can be rapidly released by focusing on ego and attachments without the arduous task of therapy or sessions over years and I will share my experiences in the next week’s workshop.

Look forward to seeing you on 06 Oct. If you haven’t registered yet, below are the links for you to register.



Next Event: October 6th. We are running FREE sessions on Rapidly Releasing Trauma on 2 occasions for both the north & southern hemispheres.


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1. Next EMPR Program is scheduled to commence 23rd October,2022.  

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