3 Reasons Mental Health Professionals DON’T Get Fast Results…

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3 reasons mental health professionals don’t get quick long-lasting results for their clients.

1. The client is NOT at the centre of the business.

I was speaking to a psychiatrist the other day about how quickly The EMPR Method works on rapidly healing trauma. His reply stunned me, he said “that’s not a very good business model is it?” Although I realise this is not indicative of the profession, it does highlight ‘big pharma’ thinking – a cured client is no longer a customer.


2. The therapy is something they are doing, not something they are being.

Too many well-being practitioners, coaches and therapists are stuck at the ‘doing’ level. The truth is you can’t take a client deeper than you’re willing to go yourself. That’s why most ‘do’ a therapy or technique on their clients or give tools like gratitude journals, affirmations, mantras or meditation. All these are just distractions from what’s really going on at their core. Therefore, is it any wonder most treatments either don’t work at all or are only short-lived?


3. They’re too empathetic.

A coach, therapist or healer’s job is to get a result for the client NOT to be their friend, be liked, or empathise. Now I’m not saying we don’t. understand them completely. But if we empathise with them, we buy into their view of the world and their version of reality. True empathy is being able to question and challenge them however uncomfortable the question is.

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