How quickly my celebration turned to disaster..

Hi There,

Do you fear death or cling to life?

My last week was tragic..

One of the ashram residents drowned in a nearby river on the very last day of our stay at the Ashram..

We were sitting together just an hour or so before in our study group.

He was just 29..

This created a myriad of questions in our heads..
Why him?
Why now?

We stayed in an Ashram which is an abode of peace and positive energy resounding with the vibrations of Vedic mantras.

How could such a horrible thing happen on the very last day?

It was supposed to be our big celebration and a time for bidding happy farewells.

And instead, we bid farewell with sadness and gloom.

We were debating in our heads if the whole thing of rituals, journals and positive vibrations truly has an impact, how do we explain this?

The answer was simple.

Everything we do is a distraction from accepting life as is, we fill ourselves with so much EGO and take refuge in anything that we believe can make “this life” a little more comfortable!!

What if he simply fell asleep and woke up in a whole new world carrying all these memories and we cross paths one day?

Is there death then?
And is that tragic?
What are we missing?

Can we start accepting life as is, while we strive to make it as comfortable as we can?

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts.



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