Charting Your Own Course: The Single Independent Woman’s Path

Universal challenges of single independent women :

❤️‍🩹Loneliness and not creating new list of friends and relying on old contacts, lost families and childhood friends..

❤️‍🩹Financially or physically independent but emotionally dependent on others for validation

⏳Masking your fears by choosing to be busy

❌ Attract abusive or unavailable partners for control or fear of losing control

🍺 Distract with some form of addiction — substance or people or objects or animals

🦄 Expecting one unicorn partner who is Mr/Ms Everything

🏆 Lack of influencing and negotiation skills. So use submissiveness or obedience or kindness or extreme independence or being clingy to get what they want.

Instead :

✅World is your oyster.. build connections and meaningful relationships. Not networking exchanging cards.

✅Don’t expect 🦄 unicorn partners who can be everything for you all the time 🕰️

✅Take responsibility by choice and not as a reaction

✅ Be OK with rejection and disagreements

✅Heal your self if you experienced hardships or traumatic experiences

✅Take charge of your life with consistent conscious choice and continuous self enquiry

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Manna 🙏

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