2 secrets for inner peace and harmony!!

The two lasting solutions for eternal inner peace and harmony.:

1. Embrace consciousness and allow yourself to surrender 🍀


2. Know your mind and exercise conscious choice with self enquiry 🍀

You can choose one of them and stay committed to it.

You don’t have to change, suppress or become intelligent in this process. You just have to observe and enquire.

Consciousness is real and we all can access it but needs a radical approach of learning to do nothing and allowing it to happen, which requires discipline, patience and consistency. 🙏

While knowing your mind is still something in your control and through right thinking and action, you can pave the path to consciousness. However it requires discipline, patience and consistency too.

Whatever path you choose, stay committed to it.

GOD is the highest state of being we strive for, either through consciousness or knowing your mind, but not something or someone out there to punish or reward you.

Nature takes its own course.

Wastage of resources lead to scarcity and hoarding resources lead to shortage and clutter. It is neither punishment nor reward. It’s just an outcome of collective living and being.

Make your choice and stay committed.

There are no shortcuts 💊

Do not give up your life or resent faith because God didn’t respond to you.

Instead, strive towards becoming one with consistent conscious choice and continuous self-enquiry.




PS: A new world awaits you!!

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