6 Reasons Behind Abusive Relationships

Abusing or allowing others to abuse you is a symptom of powerlessness. It can stem from shame, anger, hurt or guilt.

Kindness, love, compassion or intimacy with an intent to control or manipulate or to get what you want is an abuse – Period

And it manifests in many forms 👇

❤️‍🩹An independent man/woman who is afraid to ask but does not want to take responsibility empowers the abuser

❤️‍🩹A very emotionally dependent man/woman empowers an abuser

❤️‍🩹 Man/woman with expectations or greed or wrong ideas of love and compassion empowers an abuser

❤️‍🩹A kid who decides to be a people pleaser or a rebel empowers an abuser

❤️‍🩹A disconnected family in the name of busyness is same as dysfunctional family and that empowers an abuser

❤️‍🩹A dissatisfied partner or couples with intimacy issues are a threat to their kids

We have a collective responsibility to take care of ourselves, our mental health and our relationships.

Change should begin from both the ends.. right at the root level and also at the top..

If you feel stuck or you are functional but cannot spend time with yourself or enjoy some silence on your own, they are 🚩 red flags…

Find someone who shakes your beliefs than sit next to you and sympathise.

Reach out.. and seek help


Manna Abraham


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