Misunderstanding Love: A Lifetime of Misconceptions

Quite often, we live the idea of love that we didn’t receive. However, what if it’s not their idea of love?

Is love unconditional❓
Or is it just an ideal❓

Does love hurt you or not getting what you want hurts you❓

Or are we just conditioned with the idea that if I love you, you should love me in return?

Perhaps, we are mistaking emotions with love.

💥Anger is not love
💥Guilt is not love
💥Attachments are not love
💥Possessiveness is not love
💥Grief is not love
💥 Freedom is not love
💥 Service/ kindness is not love
💥 Companionship is not love

So, what is love?

Is it the bond like milk & cream and should we skim the emotions to let love rise to the surface..?

And is it unconditional then?

Love is not something to achieve.. it is what/ who you are already..

However, what must have taken you away from it are your life experiences, accumulated emotions, bad lifestyles, meanings, definitions of duty, commitment, comfort, companionship and so on..

Perhaps, the journey is to go back to “love”, our natural state instead of achieving it from a perfectionist view with an adjective “unconditional”

And the path to go back to love is to free yourself of the smudges of the timelines.. however bold or subtle they are.

Love is to BE after all.. and know it’s their journey too when they hurt you, as much as it is yours’..



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