How to negotiate your identity?

Trauma is a memory. Your responses to situations are just memories.

Some of them you remember and some of them you don’t.

Doesn’t matter to your mind if you experienced it or witnessed it or watched a movie, because every experience creates inner and outer worlds constantly.

The effects of which are very psychosomatic.

And each of those experiences create a new identity.

Now can you imagine 10,000 people in a room trying to arrive to an agreement peacefully?

Each individual has their own unique story, unique experiences and unique survival mechanisms.

What’s right for one is wrong for the other. Then how do you negotiate with these identities/individuals?

Can you negotiate with all of them at the same time?

If you want to learn how to negotiate with your identities so that they can act together to help you, it is important first to identify them, understand them and know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Identity is not archetype or a personality type.

Archetype is a symptom. Identity is the root cause.

Understanding the identities you project yourself to the world helps you to become a better leader, better parent, better partner and a better huma being.

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Manna Abraham

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