How to Flip Your Fears?

Fear drives the human kind.

Yes, we live in a democracy yet we don’t hesitate to violate the rules if there’s no fear of fines.

Fear is so fundamental for survival.

It is idealistic that people should function by doing the right thing and taking the right action but how can you when your past is so conditioned and crippled by fear?

How can you overcome fear when you do not spend any time on it to overcome it or face it, instead you spend your lifetime trying to avoid or escape fear. by earning more or building more.

And in the background, you constantly fear losing it all.. What are you manifesting?

Financial instability or being alone or not fitting in or not looking young so on..

One may conquer the physical fears by climbing the Everest ,yet mental fears remain untapped and vice versa.

The most common fears :

What if I fail?

What if I succeed and don’t have enough time for my family?

What if no body else loves me!!

What if I am not as smart as others!!

What if I am not good enough!!

What if I take the decision and it fails!!

What if this man or a woman rejects me!!

What if I get well and I have to take responsibility!!

And so on…..

Can you instead continue that “what if” with

I WILL face it if that happens …..

I CAN face it if that happens…

Build your courage and expect good things to happen

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