Why are Mothers the Trauma Carriers? – Make or Break the World

“Mothers make or break the world”

On this Mother’s Day, I would like to emphasise how important is the journey to motherhood and the role of a mother to create a generation free from trauma.

Almost every individual carries gestational or ancestral trauma because we are not too far away from the past of wars, apartheids, pandemics and that is passed on to the child from birth.

While men and women are equally responsible for gestational or ancestral trauma, it’s the mother who carries the child in the womb.

It’s not just about planning, conceiving and delivering a baby and fulfilling your role as a mum.

You have a bigger role to play if you want to really contribute to the community and society at large.

Young couples planning for parenthood – work on your past traumas and heal yourself. Release the memories of the past from your bodies making simple lifestyle changes and seeking help.

Mums who believe in creating rooms for the newborn baby and collecting things , please focus on creating an environment filled with good energy free from your fears of belonging, abandonment, uncertainty or poverty/ lack, control.

Mums who plan on giving every opportunity to their children that you didn’t get as a child, focus on freeing yourself from any addictions such as substance abuse, emotional abuse or control.

If you know there is an abuse, violence, gender suppression or veterans in your family lineage, it is your responsibility to seek help and free yourself from the trauma held in your bodies to ensure your daughters, sons and grandkids don’t carry that in to the future.

You have a bigger responsibility❤️‍🩹

Congratulations🎉 to all the beautiful mothers in my inner circle and those who are already seeking help and contributing directly or indirectly to create a trauma free world.

And those of you who are not necessarily mums or women, we don’t give birth only through our bodies, we give birth through our thoughts and intentions too…💥

Seek help and play your role in creating a world free from fear and trauma.



Manna 🙏

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