How Often Do You Reinvent Yourself? Discover Yourself

How often do you reinvent yourself?

We are bored with the same meal every day, same clothes and same routines everyday. So, can you not be bored with yourself if you are working hard not to change or not to accept the change?

And interestingly, these changes happen when you are not even observing just like how you don’t notice how tall your child is growing, when you see them everyday.

Last two days on EMPR Training, we were exploring and discussing how identities that you created once become so boring and stale after a while.

The young girl who wanted to be life of the party once, must have lost interest in pleasing people and must be now seeking solitude and space for growth!

And a young man who wanted to be a provider once, must have moved on to something more meaningful while you are not even noticing the drift!!

It is important to take mini breaks and ask yourself if what you wanted once is still something you want today?🧗‍♀️

It can be your life choices, career, partner, child, city you live in and so on,,,And also ask if you still have the same fears that you had once? May be fear of authority or fear of being hurt!!

Take those mini breaks 💥 and continue to reinvent yourself before you fall into the drift and feel helpless and stuck.❤️‍🩹


Manna 🙏

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