Who Am I?

This will need some reflection 🐦‍🔥 and it is not for everyone..🔆

It is hard to share the depth of something so abstract..

As I am sitting here, one question that’s on my mind that I am exploring..

“Who am I?”

Is it the teacher, parent, light, energy, daughter, partner, introvert, extrovert, intellectual?

It’s as though my mind is wanting to hold onto some identity even though it’s not relevant for me..

There is no point of reference.. how am I really different from anyone and anything?

In every disappointment and in every happy moment, one of the many identities of me such as the winner, loser, ignored, loved and so on, who I once wanted to be comes to the surface.

Interesting to watch the drama of that identity..

And once you see it, it’s gone.

Now the question is ❓

Am I who I think/perceive I am OR  Am I whom YOU think/perceive  I am❓

It doesn’t matter but right in this moment, I am contented to be anybody who you think I am… 🧡


Manna 🙏

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