Why Maslow’s Hierarchy Misses the Mark?Lessons from My Journey

Why Maslow is 💯wrong 🔴

I was away from my home base for the last 15 days and the top five lessons from this trip ..

💥Spirituality or self-actualisation does not necessarily stem from how well-fed you are or how educated you are or how much you preach, talk or advise. And neither it’s a hierarchy of physiology, safety, love & belonging, self-esteem…

💥Love & belonging, esteem & safety do not necessarily breed kindness. If that’s true luxury and poverty cannot coexist ❤️‍🩹

💥Kindness has nothing to do with how well-off you are or how well-read and educated you are!!

If that’s true, by now we should be a planet of 💯 kindness and compassion with a zillion books, audio, podcasts & videos.

💥Being human, feeling the pain of others and actually doing something about it comes from a decision and prioritising it over your physical and mental comfort.

💥Talk less and do more.. Period 💡

🍃 Help others to help but not to feel superior

🍃 Associate with power or influence for the right reasons and not just for attention, validation and show off

🍃 Do what you can and expect nothing in return

🍃 Do not compare or compete with others and do your best as and when it is required.

It takes something to be kind without being emotional and compassionate without feeling helpless.

So be kind, be compassionate and actually do something about it if you can.


Manna ❤️

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