Here is the proof that death is just a phase and not the end!!

Recently as I was reflecting upon my life circumstances, conversations, family and friends, one thing that stood out was the ageing members in the circle including my dad.

My dad was unwell two years ago and narrowly escaped the call of death.

And I visited him with a sense of completion and determination.

I lost my mother when I was 2 and I also lost my grand mother who took my mum’s role, a few years ago.

Now my mind wonders about being an orphan if Manna loses her dad too!!

But I don’t think we will ever lose them, though we lose them physically..

Almost 15 years ago, a beautiful lady with whom I briefly had an interaction and knew nothing about me startled me.

She said that my mother was always with me and she is taking care of me and my brother.

I was an analytical go getter and a professional. It was hard to believe as a practical chartered accountant and I was about to write it off as an airy fairy conversation.

And she continued,,, Your mother said you are denying to take her wedding jewellery. Instead she asked me to give you this to let you know she is with you.

A gold ring with 5 diamonds in it.

This ring belongs to this beautiful lady which was very special for her but she gave it to me because my mother who passed away 25 years ago asked her to.

And it was true that I didn’t want to have anything to do with my mum’s wedding jewellery then. But no one else knew about it.

If you still don’t believe it, see the picture of the ring.

With time, it lost two diamonds but this is a reminder for me that the dead are not dying and leaving.

And many such instances I experienced with my grandmother, mother and few other loved ones whom I lost physically, but I dont have enough material evidence such as this.

But I am sharing this with you to see if this can help you to release your grief of losing loved ones or the fear of losing loved ones.

Understanding and realisation dissipates misery and sorrow….

Body is mortal but not you!!

Holding onto grief or fearing death of a loved one is forgetting that you are not just your body.

And we communicate beyond language.

Sadness is OK as a human experience but no point in holding onto grief and wanting to prevent death.


Manna ❤️

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