I am in Love..Are You?

I love Manna!!

Years ago, I used to stand infront of the mirror and pick on her for not being lean, not having wide eyes, not having a chiselled nose and very long hair, for not being tall and not having petite feet…list was endless…

Perhaps with very good intentions, women in the family used to measure the thickness of my skin.. and constantly suggest I must lose weight.

No one ever realised I had a health condition then and I was not obese..

And my rebellious mind held on to very famous “beauty is only skin deep” which didn’t help me either.

One day, I realised beauty is not just skin deep.

“It is rather very deep to your inner being “

That thought changed the game..

People I loved are not necessarily wide eyed or tall or 36-28-36.

Every country and culture has its own definition of beauty.

Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia, India and so on…

Travels and conversations with different cultures changed the idea of beauty.

Sad to see that many many women, especially mothers and grand mothers even today silently suffer from this idea of beauty and fears of ageing.. which affects their children too..

I hear this from my clients too, young and old.

While we fight for gender equality, there are many men and women who choose to be objectified in the commercial world, beating themselves up for a slight bulge or 200 grams weight gain.

We preach living healthy while super markets sell aisles and aisles of junk in the name of fun food which are cheaper than healthy food options.

Yet another proof – Cosmetics loaded with chemicals.

Living healthy and incorporating healthy habits as a family is a completely different form of communication from suggesting or indirectly body shaming to be lean or chubby or lose weight.

Do not be overweight or thin because someone body shamed you as a child or you believed thin people are weak or fat people are lazy.

In the world of conflict and chaos, consistent conscious choice is the solution.

Love yourself!!

Manna ❤️


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