Unraveling the Mystery: What True Self-Awareness Is and Isn’t!

How long is a piece of string ⁉️
Are you hiding behind self awareness?
Self Awareness is NOT any of these πŸ‘‡
❌ behaving matured while seething with anger & frustration
❌ disempowering others by accepting, over giving and understanding
❌ empowering others to shrug their roles & responsibilities
❌ inability to call out inefficiency and lack of mindfulness
❌ disconnecting yourself from expectations and judgements
❌ forgiving while silently expecting an acknowledgement for bad behaviour and suffering in silence
❌ an internal competition telling yourself you are better than someone while projecting kindness
❌ being future focussed distracting yourself from the past
❌ giving yourself a label and being stubborn about not wanting to change it
❌ harming your body & mind because you cannot say no or afraid of taking responsibility
❌ inability to function or get out of your bed because of what happened in the past and continuously blaming some one for your situation
Then what is self awareness ⁉️

Manna ❀️


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