How do I know that I am doing “the inner work”

“Don’t uproot the plants to evidence the growth”

Results from “self awareness/ self realisation” work are intangible.

No one can promise 1 tonne of peace and 10 tonnes of courage.

Shifts are subtle, deep and your evidence is in how you are living and responding to situations.

It’s the peace you experience in your heart and the speed with which you can bounce back when you fall into an emotion or a thought.

Awareness shifts the energy without action!!

That’s how you know you are doing “the work”

And if you are still stuck inspite of the awareness, change your approach to the work that you are doing.

Build a lifestyle to reconnect with your life and with your loved ones.

If you are seeking meaning and deeper connection with yourself, lay foundations to connect with yourself.

And if you are an evolved soul aspiring for inner peace and self realisation, make that a priority.

Wherever you are in your life, know that support is available.


Manna ❤️

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