How can I be more consistent and disciplined?

What keeps you stuck and prevents consistency and discipline.

Self sabotage, busyness, overwhelm, people and so on were the responses. But is that true?

Your emotions, memories and behavioural patterns are just the manifestations of your experiences and your narrative of this life time and other life times.

While we are all madly motivated by mind and action, silence and inaction were victimised and shamed.

As a result, here are the things that you condition yourself to do:

  1. Prioritise thinking, logic and being analytical
  2. Prioritise moving your body
  3. Respond and fall into your emotions

Now how about flipping it?

“Start taking a step back and observe your feelings and thoughts without thinking and sit still without moving your body except breathing”

Can you?

Your mind and body are. very similar to trained pets.

One training is not the solution. It is the consistent, disciplined behaviour of the pet parent that teaches your pet to oblige and support you.

Same goes with your mind and body too.

Tame your mind and body every day with consistent daily practice. Same time, same place everyday.

Secondly, people are motivated and driven by people, ideas/purpose and self in their personal evolution. Each phase requires a different strategy.

One of them alone will not motivate you after a while.

90% may be travelling one phase for a life time but if you are an evolved being, you will travel faster than that.

Which implies you don’t have to fit into the 90%. Have courage to be the 10%.

If you are experiencing it and beating yourself up for seeking comfort or certainty, revisit your strategy and question your definitions of selfishness, hard work, action, laziness, leadership and comfort.

Perhaps you need something different today from what you believed you always wanted.

Three learnings to reflect on :

  1. Purpose and people does not have to be always your drivers.
  2. Time, Energy & Will determine your wants & desires
  3. Strategy that once worked is not an eternal solution. Keep revising and adapt to the changes. 

    Love & Healing

    Manna Abraham

    “Where there is CLARITY, there is COURAGE”

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