Are You Bored of Life Yet? – Build Your Lifestyle

Life is just like relationships.

It begins with adventure, excitement, curiosity, seizing every opportunity to get together and as the relationship evolves, it is about the grind, discipline, commitment, patience and seeing each other as you are minus the rose-tinted glasses.

And here begins the story of boredom or taking each other for granted.

Here comes the tough questions.

  • Are my needs being met?
  • Am I loved or being used?
  • What’s the point of this relationship?

This is also a time when partners seek external support either in the form of third wheel in the relationships or counsellors and coaches whom they despise and secretly wish this is over.

Now take this scenario to your life…

Can you draw the parallels??

Now it is up to the partners to make time for each other in spite of your busy schedules, kids, school activities and so on, to create date nights and carve out personal time to reconnect and rebuild your relationship.

If you are in a similar phase either in your relationships or in your life, pause and revisit your schedule.

Build a lifestyle to reconnect with your life and with your loved ones.

If you are seeking meaning and a deeper connection with yourself, lay foundations to connect with yourself.

And if you are an evolved soul aspiring for inner peace and self-realisation, make that a priority.

Wherever you are in your life, know that support is available.

If you want to start small,if you are after setting goals and staying accountable or if you are seeking a deeper connection to yourself and higher dimensions and if you are ready to take action and want to really make a difference in your life…

Get started with your healing journey if you experienced trauma or learn the skills of personal leadership and emotional independence,

Wherever you are, take support and start small or big.



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