What is your excuse to judge?


What are your excuses?

I was sitting in a restaurant for breakfast .. down with fever and all my senses highly sensitive as a result.

About to take a mouthful and hear this loud noise of someone blowing their nose

It didn’t seem to stop for ages.. or at least it appeared so to me.

I am now curious to find out who it was!!

Turned around to find this little frail woman hunched and digging into her breakfast, oblivious to the world around her.

I can see my mind gathering its memories about good manners, table manners, cultural conditioning, blah blah blah….

And I saw her partner communicating with another couple using sign language


They are a deaf couple who can’t hear themselves, let alone the world.

A wave of compassion, guilt and warmth..

My mind withdrew its memories and decided to shut the shop displaying what it is proud of.

How silly we are as humans who acts upon everything that the mind presents?

But it doesn’t stop there..

Will it make a difference if they are not hearing impaired?

What if they are physically capable but mentally disabled to hear their own inner voices or catch the thoughts before reacting, just like I was few moments ago?

Is my state of health an excuse to judge others?

When do we stop judging and start observing truly ?


Manna ❤️

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