Rejection & denial – Your path to self realisation

When you know there is a diamond out there for you, will you be interested in the glitters?

So is the path of self realisation.

There is so much of knowledge and information out there, Everyone with their own opinions and methods.

This is very similar to a time when you start questioning who am I and what do I really want?

You might be enrolling in many programs, courses, lessons, community events and so on.

One day, you get bored of all of it, tired of the busyness and the chase.

Finally you find something that holds your interest.

And you tell yourself, I will work on this.

And in this process, you are open to the opportunities, possibilities and people with different interests while exploring what interests you.

But when you find “IT”, you will choose to deny everything else and it comes naturally.

Sounds familiar?

That is exactly how its works with self realisation too.

It begins with adventure, experience, yoga, meditation, self awareness, various modalities, methods, past lives, reincarnations, various teachings and so on..

Then follows the need to share what you know and finally it doesn’t matter to you anymore,

Finally the template of openness drops and another window of singular focus opens up.

What matters is your inner peace.

And in this space, you do what is required and be who you are without any facade or wanting to change others.

Can you see how you have to choose to reject and deny other distractions to set you on your path of self realisation?

And this can extend to your personal relationships, lack of interest in friendships that meant a world to you till yesterday, job that keeps you in good stead and so on..

This can be chaotic too..

But if you can be open to the idea that rejection and denial is not necessarily a bad thing. It is an opportunity for every individual to express their true identity and chaos  precedes any change, it is just a process.

A new world awaits you!!

“And there is inner peace, joy and contentment in it”



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