Why Am I Stuck..You are not born equal!

Megan was upset that life is not fair and ruminating why everyone cannot behave normal.

Her question was : Why is it so hard for her colleagues to be polite and encouraging?

It is but natural for us to view the world from the lens of our experiences and what we are capable of.

For some empathy is natural but not efficiency and for others, effiiciency is natural but not empathy.

Manna, can you see there are no universal skills that entire humanity equally possess?

And every attribute is a skill that some possess naturally and some are totally unaware.

Our past memories, ancestral DNA and this lifetime experiences shape our lives.. they make each one of us unique. Negative and positive !!

However , we all have one thing in common.

πŸ™The ability to observe, change and to be flexible

πŸ™The ability to heal, transform and transcend

πŸ€And that requires personal leadership and personal integrity.

Which is yet again a skill that one must be committed to learn, experience and live.

We are all not born equal, but the source is the same.

And the path to that realisationΒ πŸ‘‡

πŸ€Consistent conscious choice

πŸ€Continuous self enquiry and

πŸ€Continuous self improvement



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