Trauma – The White Elephant in the Room

Trauma – The White Elephant in the Room

Trust you received my mother’s day gift and gave the gift of breakthrough – one free coaching session with me to yourself or to your loved one.

One in every three clients who come to me seem to have suffered abuse, trauma or domestic violence. Yet it is not adequately addressed.

Symptoms can be anxiety, depression,overwhelm, panic attacks or fear of failure or  to get started.

However, the underlying issue is much deeper than you think or can comprehend.

All it takes is less than few hours to resolve a trauma and sometimes in minutes when you are ready to let go.

Here is another testimonial from Dean Hollands,UK who experienced severe trauma, almost stabbed to death and lived in this prison for over 3 decades.

“For over thirty years I experienced aspects of PTSD and depression that I had no control over, that haunted me, which seriously  impacted upon my quality of life.

For over twenty years I had tried several psychologists, been prescribed a variety of medication from psychiatrists and GPs and spoken with several therapists for PTSD and Depression that  I had no control over.

Nothing lasted, no one got to the heart of my issues, no one cared about me on a personal level… Manna  did, thank you.

From the first moment I met Manna, I felt we had known each other forever. I felt truly connected. Manna to me is an inspiration and hero who has helped me on so many levels with a number of lifelong issues that no longer trouble me.

Manna helped me to release the emotions surrounding it in minutes.

As a result I am much calmer, more relaxed and more in control of my thoughts and feelings. I am now really enjoying life”.

If you really want to help someone you love or someone who is close to you to let go traumatic past, please let them know that it takes less than 90 minutes.



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