The death of spirituality – My Guru’s revelation

The death of spirituality – My Guru’s revelation

In March this year, I had a revelation: what if I could live in complete acceptance and truly live in the moment? It raised some questions.

Would it stop me caring about my goals for the future?

Could I even be bothered getting up in the morning? If I did, would I even get dressed?

Being self-employed, would I be able to earn an income if I didn’t push?

Was it even possible?

Once I realised I was concentrating on the negative aspects of trying, I made my mind up almost instantaneously, I was going to give it a go.

I knew to succeed I would have to be in control of my thoughts and emotions at all times. Those of you that know me will be aware that I’m quite equanimitous, but even I was surprised at how much my mind seemed to drift into the future any time I let my guard down.

Then suddenly it hit me. It wasn’t the future that was the problem, it was my attachment to the future.

BOOM..there it was!

From that understanding, everything changed. Once I wasn’t attached to the ‘what if’s’, I started feeling real flow. My connection to my body and my mind was in sync.

However, something even stranger happened, something shifted.

The less I tried, the more I received.

Although I was still working hard on my business, the less I pushed, the more referrals I got….I thought it was strange and it was probably just an anomaly, just a wrinkle that would iron itself out.

Yet here we are, 5 months later, and I’m still riding the wave. July, in fact, is set to be a record month.

With this life of acceptance and going with the FLOW, it intensified my search for my next Guru or Mentor.

Who could teach me more? Where could I find someone with these FLOW attributes to take me to the next level?

Then, suddenly, I woke up at 5am with a clear voice in my head whispering “The Other is your GURU”.

I couldn’t believe how vivid and strong that message was.

And yes 🦋The Other is my GURU🦋

Perhaps the world is a Hall of Mirrors 🪞🪞🪞the Guru’s we search outside are already within us and when you stop being so concerned over the future, you leave space to listen to what you really need all along.

And your Guru is your experience and that will guide you to the next step.

Don’t stop with spirituality. Move forward.



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