Why you’re lying to yourself and what happens when you stop!

It was amazing to see how many people resonated with my words and how impactful the F.A.C.E. I.T. program is going to be.

If you haven’t read it, go back and find how you can relieve long-held pain in your body. This is the first area we cover in this transformational journey.

The second phase of the FACE IT program is to find the real YOU.

As a child, did you ever read one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ stories? At certain points, you were presented with a number of options and you could decide where you wanted the story to go next.

(They were very popular back in the 80’s & 90’s)

Just like the books, your memories and experiences created emotions which shaped your story.

This is how you see the world and how others see you.

Ram Das said “In most of our human relationships, we spend most of the time reassuring each other that our costumes of identity are on straight”.

We make agreements with each other that if you believe the facade I’m showing you, I’ll believe the facade you are showing me.

Sad but TRUE.

So it begs the question, what if the world that you created is not necessarily the world that defines the real YOU?

What if you’re seeing the world with coloured glasses, and allowing your negative emotions to stain how you see your reality?

What would happen if, by releasing your emotions, you could see the real beauty of the world, how green the trees and how blue the sky?

Just like taking off the coloured glasses you’d been wearing all your life to see the real world in all its glorious beauty.

So what is preventing you from experiencing and truly being YOU?

What would happen if you could show yourself who you really are, without the negative emotions that accumulated in your mind and body?

That’s exactly what we do in the second phase of FACE IT, dig deep and discover the real you, without pain and without fear.

The real, the authentic, the free – YOU.

With this new-found freedom, you can now shape what you want your future to look like.

Just as the negative experiences shaped who you were, and how you showed up. The new YOU will create a happier, more authentic future.

Remember, your strength is also your shadow and real wisdom is to understand how to use that shadow in your favour instead of working against it or trying to eliminate it.

Just like a seed covered in the dirt, it was that soil that fertilised you,now is the time to emerge and become the beautiful flower you were always meant to be.

This is where the real magic happens, as the things that you are trying to pursue will have completely different meaning, giving you a new sense of direction and attracting new things, new people and new opportunities into your life.

What are you waiting for?



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