Why are you a Nice/Kind/Warm Person?

Are you a nice/kind/warm/humble/ no greed person?

Do you find yourself either saying

“It’s not about money” or “Life is not all about money” ?

This hit me hard last week and I wanted to share.

Growing up, you must have experienced rudeness or lack of consideration or lack of kindness or didn’t feel heard or acknowledged.

Perhaps you are the victim of such behaviour and you decided NOT to be like that person in your life or told yourself ” Not on my watch”.

You must have decided to be the one you longed for and took a decision to be a nice person, giving person, kind person, warm person etc etc!!

I ask you now to STOP 🛑

Stop playing that persona and stop wearing that badge 🔚

You don’t have to be a nice person, kind person, warm person, humble person just because you didn’t want to be like that bad person or to be perceived or associated with that behaviour that you didnt like once.

That decision served its purpose.

It’s time NOW to BE YOU ⚡⚡

Acknowledge you will never be the rude/inconsiderate/arrogant/harsh person 📴 because you now have good boundaries.

Time to throw away the badge of nice person and step out. Stop hiding behind.

Step out of your shadow NOW 🌼🌼 and stop not being like someone.

Live it or leave it. Choice is yours.



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